“John and Lisa are always together.”

This is something John and Lisa hear a lot, and it’s actually true. They do almost everything together and it’s been that way since they met. So it stands to reason that this site should reflect their togetherness.

Lisa is an artist and an author. John is a former pastor, artist, and musician. Today he is a podcaster and an author. The art side to both of their lives comes together all the time—so much of what they do somehow fuses together into a wealth of wisdom and life.

So, if John is podcasting or writing, Lisa will definitely be part of the process. And, if Lisa is painting or writing, John will be in the mix as well.

Note from John & Lisa:
We hope you enjoy the encouragement we share on this site. You can listen to every episode of our podcast (The Word 2 Wisdom) for free. Our books are all available here, and we’re planing more to come.

Thank you for visiting,
John & Lisa