Dancing in the Streets

In and around Sept – Nov 2020, I saw many visions, one of which was about dancing in the streets. Here are the words I wrote when I saw that vision:

I saw people celebrating and rejoicing in the streets, because justice had happened. God blessed us. I saw God moving over our nation, the United States, with lightning in his eyes and mouth, and I also saw His arrows.

I am seeing this vision again!

This week of July 4th 2022 I am seeing the same vision again, and very strongly! Here’s what I have written this time:

I see people dancing in the streets, from the most rural areas to the center of large cities, and everywhere between. They are dancing because Godly justice was performed; justice that Americans waited very long to see. There will be dancing in the streets.

Side note:
Interestingly, I remember the first visions in 2020, that they were not in color. They were more like black and white visions that were far off in time. The visions I have had again this month were like they were right in front of me, very real, and with color! I’m believing this means they are very near.

Dancing in the Street 2022