Defeating Your Goliath by Lisa Strazza
About the book

Defeating Your Goliath brings you on a journey through scripture to combat life’s battles victoriously and walk with confidence in your every day Christian life.

Are you facing your Goliath—that “Mountain of a problem” that keeps you from moving forward?  Are you frustrated by life’s ups and downs, feeling constantly under attack in your Christian walk?  As believers we have power and authority, and the ability to fight back, and win!  In Defeating Your Goliath, author Lisa Strazza takes you on a scriptural journey to show you all that you have through your amazing salvation in Jesus.  As you travel through these inspirational pages, and stories, you’ll understand the kind of faith and revelation that has brought her success in business, health and even in the face of her step-daughter’s tragedy.

You can live the abundant life that God intended for you, the life that He sacrificed His Son for you to have, and walk with confidence in your everyday Christian life.  With the powerful Biblical truths in this book, you can break down the bonds of fear and discouragement, and successfully overcome all of the schemes of the enemy.  You’ll conquer fear, sickness, poverty, addiction or any other Goliath that stands in your way and live victoriously through Jesus!

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